Thursday, July 5, 2012

Self-Striping Kool-aid Dyeing Recipe...


Disclaimer: in order to achieve stripes of a specified length one needs to "do the math" using a test swatch, measurement & calculations as shown in THIS tutorial.

I did not follow that advice and instead estimated my sections & lengths as I did not have a specific purpose in mind for this yarn and basically just wanted to see if I could do it.

This yarn was already part of my stash and not overly expensive so IF it had not turned out it wouldn't have been "the end of the world". PLEASE experiment on yarn you wouldn't mind messing up.

Self-Striping Kool-aid Dye Experiment Recipe

1 skein of Plymouth Galway in color #121 (light gray-green)
2 packets Kool-aid Ice Blue Raspberry (light blue)
1 packet Kool-aid Mixed Berry (darker blue)
2 packets Kool-aid Grape for 2nd dye bath
Cooking pot

Sample yarn color was achieved in 2 separate dye baths.

Place two chairs about 10 feet apart. Wrap yarn around the chair backs to form extra long loops. Once yarn is all wrapped, tie the yarn together at intervals. I divided mine in 4ths, equally spaced.
Soak newly wrapped yarn in warm water. Fill pot 2/3rds full with water of the same temperature. Add the 2 packets of Ice Raspberry & 1 packet of Mixed Berry to the pot and stir to dissolve.
Squeeze out excess water from yarn and place 2 complete yarn sections, (between the ties), into the pot. Drape remainder of skein over into a mixing bowl or plate to catch water from the yarn.

(Sorry about the blur...dip two sections of yarn into dye, leaving other 2 sections draped over side.

Turn burner on medium heat. Do not boil. Watch pot for dye to almost exhaust. This will become evident as the water begins to get more transparent. After a few minutes dunk the rest of the yarn in the pot and let it steep until the dye is completely exhausted, (water may turn milky white or clear).

Dye has been exhausted as evidenced by the milky white color.

Let yarn cool until you can handle it without getting burned. Squeeze excess water out in a rolled towel.

 Here you see the yarn after the first round of dye....the light green sections were given a second over-dye...

...using the grape kool-aid in the same process as outlined above.

Resulting in this....

I can't wait to make a test swtach to see how the stripes look!

Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th!


  1. Especially considering that surprise 4th of July monsoon we had!

  2. Good to see someone still dying their own wool!