Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A change in venue....

I'm here... having moved 800 miles away from my previous home this past July 27th. It has taken me this long to adjust to it all. 

Along the way & while I was out I did a LOT of crocheting and knitting! Much of it was for my own personal therapy of sorts so I chose simple, colorful patterns. Many of the finished items will be given to charity but some of the items have been planned for some very special people I know.

Here are some of the things I worked on.....

Dyed some yarn with Kool-aid to use for a Maggie Bean doll that I need to knit.
Took a beaded scarf class at my new and wonderful LYS. Have fallen in love with this scarf design . Something about the heavy, shiny beads and the yarn is very soothing to me. Guess what folks are getting for Christmas? haha!
Crocheted some dolls for charity, adapted from Mia Zamora Johnson's wonderful Magdalena pattern. 
This one is named Maisy Flannigan. Her friend, Bootsie McDougal ,(pictured below), is also adapted from the same pattern.

I just LOVE red headed dolls so much!!

Bootsie is riding in a crochet tote. I made 5 of these totes in varying sizes, most of them to corral my growing yarn & project stash. This mini-version is also going to charity. The pattern for the tote is called Ombre Basket by Elizabeth Trantham  and I highly recommend it for fast & easy crocheting. The tote is worked with 4 strands of worsted making for a very sturdy construction. perfect for a works-in-progress basket.

The floral embellishment is a design by a Ravelry friend entitled Tudor Rose by Becci Pamely . I just love the the way this motif is 3 dimensional.

Cutest bunny pattern on the planet by Wendy Phillips of Dollytime on Etsy and Flutterby Patch, called Baby Bunny in a Basket Crib. THIS one  is for a special birthday girl. Just need to sew up the basket crib and she's done.

This list doesn't begin to tell the tale. This is going to take several days to complete. Oh and I have a new crochet pattern coming out very soon....


  1. Congrats on moving. It's a lot of work! We just moved to another state in Aug, but it wasn't that far. But it was stressful. I am still settling in.

    Love all the current projects on your list.

  2. Yay! Your back! You have been greatly missed in blog-land.

    Oh, your knitting and crochet items are so sweet. I love how Bootie is in almost every shot...what a ham! Love it.

    Can't wait for your crochet pattern. You know I love your stuff.

    The beaded scarf is awesome. Wow, so pretty.

    So glad your back. And just think now that you are in the land of sun, you are gonna miss all the wonderful snow that the rest of us have in our features...did you say you had a quest bedroom? Hmmm just wondering. :)