Friday, October 26, 2012

Have you seen this pattern....

This pattern, entitled "Elf Clobber" is my new favorite go-to pattern for gift knitting. What a FUN, FAST & EASY pattern!! I just love it, as does my very fashionable twenty-something daughter. I decided a few days before my daughter's birthday to finally give the pattern a try and was rewarded with fast, easy results that pleased her and ME to no end. In fact I am now on tap for additional pairs in various colors.

1st pair in the works

Original birthday gift pair of mitts 

Second pair of mitts in the works...will line these with dark brown mohair

The pattern consists of 2 x 2  ribbed wrists with crocheted lace for the main body of the mitts and an insert of filmy, fluffy mohair for added beauty and warmth. As I've stated in the past I am a HUGE fan of multi-crafting or mixing various crafting mediums in one project and this design was just the version of Elf Clobber to go on the needles is a black on black pair, a black on red pair and then we'll see.....

Oh and a finished shawl, (also for my daughter, the Original Maggie Bean). Not too much to brag about as it is a very simple design but very effective for hugging the shoulders and a wonderful TV watching or waiting room knit. This version is knit with the same Cascade Kid Seta that I used as a liner for the 1st pair of Elf Clobber mitts and Jojoland Melody held doubled, making it lightweight, warm & fluffy. I hope she likes it.


  1. Pretty pretty! Great photos!

  2. I love them! I have my eye on a reddish/orange jacket, so I may need new colors...

  3. Love the Elf Cobbler Mitts and the shawl is really sweet can you tell me where you found the pattern for it?

    1. Thank you for your comment regarding my projects. The pattern for the shawl was obtained from my local yarn store called "Elegant Stitches" in Miami, Florida and is entitled "Another Ruffled Shawl". It was a give-away with purchase.

      However, the shawl is simply a YO increase to form a somewhat triangular shape, all done in garter stitch. I have not found the pattern on Ravelry but there should be some similar ones.