Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Halloween Quickies....

Such a fun way to re-use empty containers
I almost let October get away without sharing a few Halloween patterns I designed for the Red Heart website. The first one is called "Bug Infested Bowl". It is actually a knitted bowl cover designed to fit over the bottom half of a gallon tea or water jug. This is easily customized for your own container. Simply have the container cut to size and ready to go as you are knitting the cover, allowing for "fittings" along the way.

The next design is called Scary Muffins & is a crocheted life-sized large cupcake/muffin design with removable "cupcake liners". The pattern contains 4 variations of the design and they were a LOT of fun to make. Each muffin works up fast and is a great way to use up yarn remnants. For best results use some weighted stuffing in the bottom of the muffin. Additional tips can be found within the pattern notes and instructions.010




Either pattern can be customized for other themes, seasons or holidays throughout the year. Let your imagination run wild.

And if you do go out "trick or treating" please be safe!!


  1. love, love, LOVE the cupcakes, Miss Julep :)

  2. Oh, such cute and adorable always you've hit a home run!

    Hope you get lots of treats in your new place and not tricks at all! :)