Friday, November 30, 2012

Where did THAT come from.....

Last night I got a message from someone on Ravelry who was confused by an instruction on my Crochet Puppet Scarf, whereby it told the user to turn the work to the wrong side. This came right after you have completed the wrist portion (or neck of the puppet) and are starting on the head.

Original crochet puppet scarf prototype

My old brain puzzled on this and because I no longer have my handwritten notes and the pattern was published a couple of years ago. I had frankly FORGOTTEN...yikes! So I set out to do a crochet-along with the Ravelry poster. I was able to complete the puppet quickly and without any problem....IF I ignored the direction to  turn to the "wrong side". Still, this wouldn't be in the pattern if it didn't have any significance.

Then at around 3 am it hit are supposed to work the stitches from the inside outwards or rather the would-be INSIDE of the puppet is now the OUTSIDE of the puppet. But why? Well, several years ago, when I first became interested in amigurumi I either read, saw or erroneously stitched all of my toys and amigurumi this way. I liked the smoother texture of the inside-out stitching.

So this morning, instead of working on some tasks that are fast becoming due I started another puppet, working from the inside. In the photo below the green puppet is worked in the usual way with the correct side of the stitches facing and the pink/brown/navy puppet is worked with the wrong side showing. I haven't used this method in quite some time but have to admit that I still like it.

Here are some other examples of crochet projects that I have done through the years using the inside-out method of stitching....

Ear bug puppet for my friends at Desert Garden Farms


Brunswick and Stewie at the pool hall.

Frog rattle is done in this method.

I am interested to know if any one else works their toys from inside-outwards and if so when & why did you first begin doing it this way.

So now I have a couple of toys to add to my growing pile of charity toys but first I'm going to play with them for a while. After all puppets are people too and they deserve to be heard...POWER TO THE PUPPETS!! And finally, as my daughter, (the original Maggie Bean) says regarding my puppet gang..."when you're a puppet you're a puppet ALL THE WAY!"