Tuesday, August 27, 2013

This just IN...Co-purr-nicus is ALIVE...

Testing is completed & Co-purr-nicus is raring to go.

Co-purr-nicus is the 2nd critter from my big-footed critter collection and a best buddy of Ptolemy the 'eddy.

You can find this 11 page pattern  in my Ravelry pattern store & soon on Craftsy. It is FULL of tutorials, photos & extras including a free customized stuffing tutorial & optional glasses customization.

As always, I couldn't have completed this pattern without the invaluable help of some very talented testers & editors from the Testing Pool on Ravelry!! They are the BEST!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ptolemy the 'eddy has some inner secrets he wants to share...

My Ptolemy pattern went live yesterday. I'm very excited about him and some of his friends, such as Copurrnicus, who will be joining him in the very near future.

Ptolemy is a huggable sized, floppy rag-doll type creature with skinny legs & over-sized feet. He is knit in the round with minimal seaming required as his head, torso, legs & feet are ALL worked as one.

He also has a VERY easy face, just eyes. In this case the eyes are comprised of a set of stacked buttons; an extra large white button on the bottom & a smaller blue button on the top for the iris. The good thing about this simple facial feature is that he is easily customized to your own tastes. My original prototype lay around the house for several months without a face at all & frankly I kind of liked him that way as well.

 I had help from some wonderful test knitters from the Testing Pool on Ravelry & each one of them did something different for their Ptolemy's eyes. It's funny how something as simple as the buttons one chooses can make all the difference. I love ALL of the test knit versions which can be viewed on the Ptolemy link at the beginning of this post.
The pattern has written instructions and photo tutorials where needed. It also includes a free customized stuffing tutorial designed to allow for firm stuffing while maintaining all of that shaping you so meticulously knit, (only to have it stretch out once you stuff the critter when stuffed the "regular way"). I will never again stuff my toys the "old way".


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Super Sized Super Saver® Christmas is LIVE...

OK so I didn't quite make it for "Christmas in July" but here they are. I know, "don't show me ANYTHING about Christmas this early in the year, we're still wearing bathing suits & using the air conditioner". But if you are so inclined to do all of your holiday crafting early, here you go.  And then there may be some of you who participate as vendors in fall craft sales to whom summer always means Christmas crafting. Not to worry, this collection is so fast to make that you can complete the entire set in a week's worth of evening crocheting,

My Super Sized Super Saver® Christmas pattern collection can be found in my Ravelry store & soon to be on Craftsy. The price includes all four of the projects.

So what about Ptolemy & Copurrnicus? Well Ptolemy is on the very verge of his coming out party & he is really excited. 

Here are some project photos taken by the very talented knitting tester & tech editor, ChoiSOSS, from the Ravelry testing pool, of her version of Ptolemy. 
He's a bit shy at first....

"Hey! somebody get that critter a Mint Julep, would ya'?"
 It looks as though some one else enjoy relaxing on the veranda, huh? 
He looks like he owns the place.

There will be more details about Ptolemy & Copurrnicus in later posts. They have some inner secrets that I would just love to share, (and in fact DO share, in the pattern).

Until then, have a great week everybody!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Meanwhile, up at the north pole...

As Ptolemy & Copurrnicus ponder the mysteries of the universe; dark matter, do pulsars really pulse & why the "P" in Ptolemy is silent, something is afoot at the North Pole...

Eh hmmm, errr, make that the "SOUTH" pole. 

My new pattern booklet entitled "Super Sized Super Saver®Christmas" is all tested and ready to go, almost. First we have to do a little photo shoot for the cover, hopefully to get people in mind of the holidays and not swimming pools.

The booklet includes 4 super sized projects that are SUPER fast, SUPER simple & SUPER affordable using Red Heart Super Saver®worsted weight yarn. 

The booklet wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been for the wonderful support & skills of a very large group of test crocheter's from the Testing Pool group on Ravelry. I've said it before...this group is fantastic!

I'm hoping to release the booklet this weekend, if all goes as planned.

Until then TGIF & have a great weekend!!