Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ptolemy the 'eddy has some inner secrets he wants to share...

My Ptolemy pattern went live yesterday. I'm very excited about him and some of his friends, such as Copurrnicus, who will be joining him in the very near future.

Ptolemy is a huggable sized, floppy rag-doll type creature with skinny legs & over-sized feet. He is knit in the round with minimal seaming required as his head, torso, legs & feet are ALL worked as one.

He also has a VERY easy face, just eyes. In this case the eyes are comprised of a set of stacked buttons; an extra large white button on the bottom & a smaller blue button on the top for the iris. The good thing about this simple facial feature is that he is easily customized to your own tastes. My original prototype lay around the house for several months without a face at all & frankly I kind of liked him that way as well.

 I had help from some wonderful test knitters from the Testing Pool on Ravelry & each one of them did something different for their Ptolemy's eyes. It's funny how something as simple as the buttons one chooses can make all the difference. I love ALL of the test knit versions which can be viewed on the Ptolemy link at the beginning of this post.
The pattern has written instructions and photo tutorials where needed. It also includes a free customized stuffing tutorial designed to allow for firm stuffing while maintaining all of that shaping you so meticulously knit, (only to have it stretch out once you stuff the critter when stuffed the "regular way"). I will never again stuff my toys the "old way".