Friday, September 20, 2013

In the works and finished objects....

While the Royal Hare Apparent is being finalized folks are beginning to test Princess Ursa Minor. She's similar to the other bigfooted critters but a little different too. The pattern will include the usual stuffing tutorial as well as a detailed embroidery & tutu tutorial, ( that's kind of fun to say out loud).

The Blackberry Salad throw is progressing nicely. The bobble stitch is a LOT of fun. I keep seeing an all white version of this throw, it would bring to mind the old fashioned hobnail milk glass of old, like the vase from  pictured here...

Hmmmm, good baby blanket idea perhaps and a hobnail vase full of flowers for Mom.

I have 2 berets out on the site. Both used Red Heart Detroit, which is an acrylic DK yarn. I really enjoyed using these yarns.

Best Friend Crochet Beret

So that's it for now.

TGIF y'all!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's cookin'

Blackberry Salad. What a fun pattern. I can't get enough of crochet form, I mean. This project is a commission for someone whose friend is undergoing breast cancer treatment. The instructions were to make something colorful. I think this fits the requirement. And what a fun project it is. I am loving the bumpy bobble stitches and the garish color scheme. It's been a while since I've worked on a color scheme like this and doing so always makes me happy. I am making it extra large for extra warmth and coziness and am about a third of the way done.

Next we have Antarktis. Very nice pattern.... it's lace for the inexperienced lace knitter...that would be me. I am a closet lace-knitter-wannabe but every time I give it a try I get frustrated and give up. The yarn is so tiny and hard to manipulate. Still, I'd like to be able to complete just ONE lacy knitted project before I hang up my knitting needles.

This is being  knitted in some gorgeous medium blue lace weight cashmere that I have been hoarding. It's coming along slowly but that is partially because I am not working on it regularly. Maybe once the weather cools there may be a new incentive to "git 'er done".

Finally my Royal Hare pattern is being tested by the WONDERFUL testers from the Ravelry Testing Pool group and should be ready for release very soon. They have a different head shaping than my other big footed critters, more of a pear shape. I like to add something different to each of my big footed critter patterns so that it is an entirely different pattern, (well almost entirely....the legs & feet are always the same).