Thursday, March 31, 2016

Flower Power...

Size DOES matter in the world of door decorations and classroom displays. The bigger the better in my mind. I love for the children to feel like little sprites in a magical garden so I made these larger than life paper flowers.

The flowers were made with colored butcher paper, hot glue, chenille wires with pompoms glued to the ends, (for stamens), and green swim noodles for stems. A repurposed floor lamp was used to make a stand for the flowers.

To make the stand get a cheap, used floor lamp from the thrift shop, (one that is in sections like a torchiere). Remove the top shade. Unscrew the top segment and pull apart exposing the wire. Cut and remove all wire and plug.  Done! You now have a weighted stand that can be used for numerous applications. To use, simply slip the swim noodle over the remaining portion of the stand. The weighted bottom of the lamp will allow the gigantic flowers to stand securely on their own.

To make flowers, fold several layers of colored butcher paper and round off the edges on one side. Gather the layers around at the opposite end and twist to hold in place. Add more layers for super fluffiness. Finally, glue the chenille wire and pompom stamens in the center using hot glue. Attach the flowers to the swim noodle by inserting the twisted end inside the top of the noodle. Secure with hot glue; lots and lots of hot glue.

TGIF y'all!!

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