Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Simple and traditional

Chevrons have been so popular for the last few years but ripple blankets have been around for decades, right? Before I even thought of picking up a crochet hook I was well aware of ripple blankets and when I thought of crochet this style of blanket came to mind. So I chose this for the latest in a long string of baby gifts.

The blanket has 7 stripes consisting of 10 rows each using an H hook and worsted yarn. It turned out to be larger than your average blanket, (no, I didn't measure it), and should be a nice security blanket for the years to come.

  And because no baby gift is complete without a toy....I improvised a bear rattle using a cat toy insert for the rattle mechanism. The bear was worked from the bottom upwards using an F hook and was nearly seamless, (had to sew the ears to the head). The arms were crocheted separately but were crocheted on as I made the neck round. Will have to write out a pattern as this was fast and easy.

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