Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Doll bed challenge accepted....

Last summer I decided to make some American Girl doll-sized items to be auctioned off at a local fund raiser. After checking the internet for diy AG crafts I decided to make a doll bed. Since I don't possess any power tools, other than an electric drill, it was off to the thrift shop for some sort of bed frame. It needed to be at least 20" long and about 12-14" wide. Hmmmm....

So after cruising several stores I found a bed tray. A quick check with my tape measure, (always take one of these when thrift shopping), confirmed that the tray would be perfect at 21 1/2" long x 13 1/2" wide x 7" tall.

This particular tray had folding legs and a wicker top, which I removed since it was a bit worn. Here you see the frame with the legs folded, the wicker removed from top and a nice coat of white spray paint. Easy!

Next a mattress was needed. The mattress was cut to measure out of  3" thick foam, which can be found at any fabric store. For a more finished appearance, the foam mattress was covered with white fabric, which I happened to have in my remnant collection. To make the cover, I simply wrapped and cut to size, pinning and hand sewing as I went, (like wrapping a present).

What next? Sheets. Again, I "shopped" in my fabric remnant bin. Don't have your own remnants? Take the mattress with you to the fabric store where the helpful staff will gladly help you come up with yardage for this part of the project. Don't forget to purchase enough for fitted sheet, top sheet and pillow.

To make the fitted sheet, drape the fabric over the mattress and cut a rectangle about 1-2" wider than the mattress as measured to include the sides of the mattress. Drape this cut piece over the mattress and pin the corners by pulling the fabric outward by the corner points and pinning
close to the mattress, parallel to the mattress corner, for a tight fit. Repeat for 3 remaining corners . Hem the sheet with top stitching on the machine. (Shortcut: Cover mattress in "sheet" fabric and skip the fitted sheet steps).

Make top sheet in similar fashion, allowing a 5-6" allowance so sheet can be tucked under when bed is made up. Machine hem the flat sheet on all sides.
                                                        Fitted sheet in place on bed.


Top sheet and pillow in place. I added lace trim to mine.
From here I simply used the bed to come up with appropriate sizes for the spread, pillow, throw and teddy bear, rather than actually measuring using a measuring tape.
The bolster is comprised of a rectangle the width of the mattress, seamed across the long side, turned, and stuffed firmly, with ends gathered closed using hand-sewing, with a decorative button glued to the end to cover the stitches.

 Next a crocheted throw. Make enough chains for throw to drape across bed, to desired width. Using stitch of choice, work in rows until desired length is obtained. Edge around using sc.
The final touch....a teddy bear. I winged this one but there are so many patterns on the net for small teddies. Make up your own or check Ravelry.
And while you are at it, Ravelry has a wealth of knit and crochet patterns for AG-sized dolls. Everything you need to make your favorite AG fan super HAPPY!!


  1. Very very clever project! I love the colors!

  2. Thank you Maven!! GOOD to "hear" from you, I've been so out of touch for the past couple of years.