Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Earth Day and Play-Doh....

....a winning combination.

I have been saving tops from Play-doh containers since the school year began. Ooooo, shiny and colorful! Now what?

Something for our class Earth Day celebration, definitely. It was a toss up between a "bead curtain"- type doorway decoration or a really large geometric mobile. While the mobile would be pretty cool in a mod 60's sort of way the doorway decoration won out since I had so many tops.

Project requirements include; fishing line, Play-doh tops and a push pin. That's it!

1). Poke 2 holes in each top using the push pin, (one at the top edge and another directly below, at the opposite bottom edge).

2). String the tops onto the fishing line in a random color scheme. Tops will stay put on the line by looping the line at each hole. To do this, insert line through the hole in the top. Loop line back around the edge and through the same hole again.  Carry line across the back, (as in following photo), to the opposite hole and repeat the looping action for that hole. String about 11 tops per strand, 3-4" apart, for a total of 5 strands to fit a standard doorway.

3). Hang up. We have metal door frames so rather than trying to tape the curtain I used strong magnet clips and a dowel rod to suspend the strands from the frame.

Add Earth Day signs and other embellishments for a festive look...
Done! Our doorway looks super fun now and the children love that we used something we would have thrown away.
One final note....store each strand in a separate plastic bag until ready to use, thus preventing a LOT of frustration and wasted time trying to untangle the strands. Ask me how I know this???

Happy Earth Day, y'all!

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