Saturday, April 2, 2016

Like a hoarder, but in a "good" way.... that possible? You bet it is. Repurposing is always a fun activity and never fails to fascinate young children.
Children go through a LOT of squeezeable yogurt/smoothie type snacks. So what can we make with all of this shiny, colorful bounty? So many possibilities. How about a game? How about Tic Tac Toe?
Here's what you need;
5 tops in two different colors, (total of 10 tops) - make certain to wash tops before using
2 pages of 12" x 9" construction paper (in 2 different colors)
scissors, ruler, tape or glue stick
optional laminator
Using 1 of the pieces of paper and ruler, cut 3 rectangles measuring 3" x 9" and set aside.
Using 2nd piece of paper and ruler, mark off 3 cutting lines measuring 9" x 3" as shown in above photo. Cut the marked off slits leaving the paper in tact at the top.
 Weave the 3 rectangles in as shown for a total of nine 3" squares. Tape or glue woven strips in place and laminate for long-lasting durability, as desired.
Trim the excess, unwoven portion at the top so that the board measures roughly 9"x 9". Grab your [washed]"playing pieces" and let the fun begin.

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