Wednesday, March 29, 2017

There's got to be a way.... recreate those hooked tools used with knitting looms. I am frequently lending or giving mine away and consequently am finding the need to replenish my stash, (particularly since I now have several kindergarteners interested in using my knitting looms).

SO, I searched the net and did not find any simple ways to recreate these tools. I'm not saying that I invented this idea but I did not see it when I searched.  So for any like-minded folks out there here is my tutorial for hand-made knitting loom tools.

US size 0 double point aluminum knitting needles, (can use size 1)
Sculpey, (polymer clay)
E-6000 cement

round jewelry pliers (preferred for best results but can use regular pliers)

Using round jewelry pliers and working about 1/3" from point, bend needle in slight angle as shown below. Please check the location and angle of the bend to your personal preferences before making additional tools. Aluminum needles do not hold up to a lot of bending and tweaking. Repeat bend to opposite end of needle. Each needle will yield TWO points which in turn will make two tools.

Using (jewelry) pliers make slight bend in tip. Repeat for opposite side.

Using wire cutters carefully cut the needle in half, (don't forget to wear eye protection here).

Two points ready to become two tools.

Next make the handle. Here's where you can get very creative and really customize your handle to grip, color preferences and the like. Working with room temperature clay, roll out a rough tube shape about 4-6" long. Press the point into the clay parallel with the clay tube with the point sticking about 1/2" above what will be the top end of the clay handle. If this is clear as mud please see my finished pictures as follows. Sorry but I didn't take any "in progress" clay photos.

Make sure to smooth the clay by carefully rolling on flat surface with the palm of your hand. Warning: Sculpey can stain clothes and wood and other things. Protect your working surface with waxed paper.

Bake your Sculpey in oven on low, as directed on the package, paying careful attention to warnings regarding ventilation and so on.

After the tool cools, place a small amount of E-6000 cement glue around the edge of the tool, where the point and the clay meet to prevent it from rotating in it's handle when in use.

Finally, rub handle with olive oil, wiping off excess, grab your loom and some yarn and start loom knitting.

Hope this tutorial helps. I am working on a handmade spool loom and will share as soon as I have a workable prototype. Until then happy crafting!!

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